Wednesday, May 29, 2013

JCrew + Old Navy Look Alikes

So, I love to shop. I also love a good bargain. And as much as I love JCrew (their catalogs are always so inspiring-yes?), I don't always love their price tags. At JCrew, I'll faithfully purchase investment pieces, like a little black dress, or a great pair of slim fit dark wash jeans, but for everyday wear, I'll stretch my dollars just a bit more. Check out these JCrew look alikes I found at (you'll never guess!).... Old Navy! 

                                     jcrew $88                                                      old navy $29.99 

                                     jcrew $198                                               old navy $29.94

                               jcrew $158                                                             old navy $29.99

                                      jcrew $98                                                         old navy $24.95

                                                jcrew $275                                     old navy $33.97

                                      jcrew $88                                                       old navy $16.99 
                                          jcrew $198                                                   old navy $14.99

What about you? Are you a JCrew or Old Navy shopper? 
Or both like me?!

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  1. J.Crew for sure, though I do have some basic casual work pants and button ups from Old Navy. My new obsession: Poshmark (for gently worn J.Crew items) I'm wearing a silk J.Crew tank I scored for $13!