Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I like to ride my bicycle.... (or I will when I get one)

So, it's been awhile!

We are in Arizona and loving it so far! I'll write an update post shortly, but wanted to start with this fun find! 

After living in San Francisco, you would think that I would have a sweet bike. Uh- no. I don't. But I need to get one. We have a little trail close to our new place that is perfect for bike riding  (but only in the early mornings or after the sun goes down- hello? It's Arizona and it's hot here!). While RC has a pretty fancy bicycle, I like one that looks cute more than one that has 'extras'. 

While looking for a my new ride, there were some cute options at the big box store (Walmart and Target) but those were all just 'okay'. Take a peek at these sweet bikes I found on Craigslist (of all places!).  
vanilla / lime / mint / red / pink

And for those ladies who prefer a little toughness to their bikes: 

I think I like the mint colored one. Which one would you get? 
Stay tuned this week for the one I picked.!

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