Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hooray for Kindness

On to Baby and The Wedding Chicks have partnered up to raise awareness about bullying and the grave consequences. This team has an online auction with amazing items donating from many vendors and a platform to donate online. The online auction on Monday, March 12th, 2012.

On January 1, 2012, thirteen-year-old Alexander Frye took his own life. Alexander was a bright boy with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of trains that impressed even the Union Pacific veterans he befriended at the nearby railyard. While he found it easy to talk to and make friendships with adults, he was usually quiet and shy among his peers. Like too many other children across this country, he was often teased and bullied by his classmates. His family believes this bullying played a major role in his suicide.
{All donations and auction proceeds collected through Hooray for Kindness will be donated at the end of the event to BullyBust. BullyBust helps schools-in-need put an end to bullying with targeted school-wide and classroom-based efforts. This type of positive school-wide commitment has been shown to reduce bullying by 50%.}

Check out all of the auction items here. You can view all of Hooray's sponsors here. Interested in contributing to the cause? Do it here. Take a stand against bullying and sign this pledge.

It's very simple.
Be kind to others.
Choose Kindness.

If you are a parent and know that your child is being bullied, talk to them about it first. Listen and let your child know that it is not acceptable and that you wil work to stop the bullying from happening. Next, speak with other adults that are involved in your child's daily life.

If you are a victim of bullying, know that you're not alone. Seek advice and help from someone you trust. Speak with your teacher, your parent, your friends about the bully's actions and how it makes you feel.

If you bully others- stop. Stop bullying others with your words and/or actions immediately. Alexander's story is tragic. If you think you need help to stop bullying others, let someone know today. Others will be willing to help because bullying is unacceptable.

Bullying doesn't just happen to kids. Bullying can happen within a relationship and even in the workplace- no one is immune to bullying.

Were you ever bullied? At school by friends? At home by siblings or a parent? Bullying others is never acceptable.

*Please continue to pray for Nat's baby Blair. Each day's progress can be found on her blog.

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  1. What a great find. Thanks for sharing, Page. I love that so many people offered to put things up for auction. What a great idea.

    Also- praying for Nat & Matt every chance I get!